Author Fees

Last update: 21 July 2023

Belitung Nursing Journal charges the following author fees.

  • Article Submission Charge: 0 USD
  • Article Processing Charge (APC): 395 USD (for articles submitted before 1 August 2023) | 5,500,000 IDR for Indonesian author
  • Article Processing Charge (APC): 555 USD (for articles submitted after 1 August 2023) | 8,200,000 IDR for Indonesian author

There is no waiver policy for these charges.

Once an article is editorially accepted, the corresponding author, author(s), funder, institution, or employer is required to pay the APC, and payment information will be sent via email, as the bank account number for author fees is not displayed. The reason we do not display the bank account number is because of instances where authors paid APC during the submission stage.

Editorial or Guest Editorial is free of charge.


BNJ functions as a non-profit journal with the publisher covering nearly all the publishing expenses, however, authors are obligated to contribute towards publishing costs through article processing fees, which includes open access, online tools for editors and authors, article production and hosting, liaison with abstracting and indexing services, customer services, website, and server maintenance.

APC prices are subject to periodic review and modification based on factors such as journal quality, editorial and technical processes, competitive considerations, market conditions, and other revenue streams.

Refunds or credits will not be provided in the following circumstances:

  • Article retraction: BNJ has provided full publishing services and is only able to recoup this investment through the APC.  The later retraction of the article does not detract from the publishing services provided or our ongoing maintenance of the scientific record, e.g., archiving in perpetuity.
  • Article removal: In rare cases where articles are removed completely after acceptance for publication, APC will not be refunded or credited. This is because BNJ has provided publishing services and is only able to recoup this investment through the APC. The later removal of the article does not detract from this investment and is typically for reasons beyond our control.
  • Delays resulting from editorial decisions or author changes. These are a standard part of the publishing process.
  • Circumstances beyond our control. This may include, for example, where natural or other disasters prevent us from fulfilling our obligations.