For Conference Organizer

Due to a large number of requests from conference organizers, especially from universities in Indonesia, in partnership to publish their selected papers in Belitung Nursing Journal (BNJ); thus, we have created specific guidelines (on 6 January 2023) as follows.


  • BNJ only receives a request from universities or nursing associations as conference organizers. BNJ editorial team will check each organizer carefully to avoid predatory conferences.
  • “Partnership” with BNJ does not mean a guarantee of manuscript acceptance, although the conference’s committees have reviewed the selected articles. Additional peer review (minimum two reviewers) is required. It will take 4 to 8 weeks to receive the editorial decision. Please note that BNJ does not provide a fast-track review.
  • BNJ does not advertise conferences on its website. However, a conference organizer can announce on their site or social media to promote their conferences or “call for papers” by stating, “selected papers will be published in Belitung Nursing Journal.” Read more BNJ advertising policy.
  • BNJ does not receive papers that have been published in a conference proceeding (full-text proceeding), which will lead to duplication or double publication. However, an abstract (in an abstract book) is not considered a prior publication.
  • BNJ does not set a special issue from a conference because the editorial team cannot guarantee the acceptance of the submitted manuscripts. The team also needs to ensure the authors’ diversity and the number of articles in each issue. If a conference manuscript is editorially accepted, it will be assigned to a regular issue combined with other articles.
  • BNJ does not give a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) prior to submission, during a peer review, or before acceptance from the BNJ editors.
  • BNJ does not give any discounts on Article Processing Charge (APC) for conference manuscripts.

Editorial Process:

  • Title screening: Conference editors or organizers need to send a list of selected articles (study titles only) for the first screening. BNJ editors will check the article topics that match BNJ readers of interest. Send the list via email.
  • Abstract screening: Conference editors or organizers need to send abstracts of the selected titles for the second screening. Send the abstracts via email.
  • Full-text screening: Conference editors or organizers need to send full-text articles of the selected abstracts. Send the full papers via email.
  • Submissions to the OJS system: Once BNJ editors approve the full-text articles, conference editors or organizers need to submit all selected articles via the OJS system. Or, the conference editors can assign each author to submit the manuscript on their own. It is highly emphasized that authors and organizers follow the BNJ guideline carefully before manuscript submission.
  • Editorial decision: BNJ editors will provide the editorial decision after receiving feedback from two reviewers (accept, reject, or revise).
  • The process after acceptance is similar to the regular stages. Check the editorial process here.

For request, please send us email.