Guideline for Nursing Philosophy Paper

Updated on 1 January 2022

Articles submitted to the Belitung Nursing Journal should not exceed 7000 words for the main text, including abstract, tables and references. A minimum of 4000 words of the main text of the manuscript will be considered as an original research article. 

This article may focus on questions relating to the nature of nursing and the phenomena of key relevance to it. For example, any understanding of what nursing has presupposed some conception of what nurses are trying to do when they nurse. But what are the ends of nursing? Are they to promote health and prevent disease? What is the central focus of nursing?

Papers that explore other aspects of philosophical inquiry and analysis of relevance to nursing (and any other healthcare or social care activity) are also welcome and might include, but not be limited to, critical discussions of the work of nurse theorists who have advanced philosophical claims as well as a critical engagement with philosophers whose work informs health care in general and nursing in particular.

Research findings on significant nursing issues will be considered if there is a concomitant effort examining the research topic, methods, or findings philosophically. Examples include discussing the implications of the research results from a philosophical perspective or demonstrating how the results prompt philosophical inquiry. The philosophical content should be clearly organized within a titled section in the manuscript; for example, a section within the discussion or implications labeled ‘philosophical relevance.’

Abstract should not be more than 350 words and add key words (3-10 words). Wording should be concise and present only the essential elements. 'Telegraphic' statements without verbs are acceptable. 


Use APA (American Psychological Association) 6th or 7th Edition with doi number format for citation and references.