Guideline for Concept Analysis

Updated 20 August 2019

Articles submitted to the Belitung Nursing Journal should not exceed 7000 words for the main text, including abstract, tables and references.



Write a structured abstract, including 5 headings: Background, Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

Abstract is not more than 350 words and add key words (3-5 words). Wording should be concise and present only the essential elements. 'Telegraphic' statements without verbs are acceptable. Abbreviations are not allowed.


Main text

This is your main text with no authors' detail. All illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end of the manuscript.



  • Clearly explain why you need to do the concept analysis 
  • Provide the background, context, and the gap for the significant of your study

  • Clearly explain the methods of your concept analysis. If you use Walker & Avant's methods, you may combine methods, results and discussion section, and follow each stage of the Walker and Avant's methods. But if you follow Roger's concept analysis methods, you still need to separate Methods, Results, and Discussion.

  • Describe the results of your concept analysis, it can be in the form of themes, patterns, etc. 

  • Summarize the findings
  • Explain what is the new knowledge from your concept analysis
  • Implication for nursing knowledge and practice

  • Provide the brief conclusion. Do not copy and paste from the results or discussion


  • Use APA fromat 6th edition with doi number