How to be a Reviewer?

To be a Reviewer in Belitung Nursing Journal is very simple; anyone can register voluntarily at the following link. Please check "Yes, I would like to be contacted with requests to review submissions to this journal". Do not forget to add areas of interest, so we can be able to reach you and send manuscripts according to your expertise.

At BNJ, reviewers are not employed or financially compensated; instead, they are selected from the pool of registered users. As a gesture of appreciation, eligible reviewers who agree to assess a manuscript will receive a 10% discount on the article processing charge for any manuscript they submit to BNJ. This discount can be combined with other eligible discounts.

For example, if a reviewer had received a 10% discount in the previous year but didn't utilize it, they have the option to combine it with the current offer, resulting in a 20% discount on the article processing charge. Furthermore, if a reviewer completed four reviews last year, they could combine those contributions to qualify for a 50% discount on the article processing charge. Alternatively, if the reviewer had already conducted nine reviews, they can combine them to receive a 100% discount, effectively waiving the article processing charge.

These rules and discounts are applicable from 22 July 2023 onward.


Last update: 22 July 2023