Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): Advancing Quality Care and Patient Safety


Current trends and issues in quality care and patient safety: A discussion with ChatGPT

Joko Gunawan
Belitung Raya Foundation, Indonesia


quality care, patient safety, healthcare, trends, issues, ChatGPT, artificial intelligence

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Accepted for publication: 2023-02-15
Peer reviewed: Yes

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Declaration of Conflicting Interest



The author acknowledges OpenAI for creating and developing ChatGPT and DALL.E 2.

Authors’ Contributions

This editorial was generated using OpenAI's ChatGPT language model. It is important to note that the responses provided by the model are generated based on the data it was trained on, and any errors or inaccuracies in the reactions are not the responsibility of OpenAI. JG provided the prompts to guide ChatGPT in generating the texts and added citations/references in line with the contents/texts.

Data Availability Statement

Not Applicable.

Ethical Consideration

Not Applicable.

Declaration of the Use of AI in Scientific Writing

The author used ChatGPT for this work and edited the main text as necessary and assumed full responsibility of the publication’s content.


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