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Current Issue

Vol 2, No 2 (2023): Promoting Integrative Healthcare: Education, Policy, and Management

Issue Description

This thematic collection explores the nuanced blend of traditional healing approaches with modern healthcare systems, highlighting the seamless integration of diverse healthcare methods. Across 11 published articles, it covers multifaceted subjects from various countries, collectively revealing diverse practices and experiences stretching across continents and cultures.

Total of Authors’ Countries: 7 [Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Tanzania, Bangladesh, & Ghana]


Table of Contents


Original Research Article

Open Access
Anxiety among student nurses in the Philippines: A gender and year-level analysis and its contributing factors in the COVID-19 context
Florence L. Pulido  , Richelle Faith D. Cayabyab, Allura Xandra M. Adversalo, Alyssa V. Baylon, Aubrey N. Centeno, Aea Jainey G. Dizon, Marc Andrei L. Formoso, Alexis Angel P. Hernando, Eric Jon Luis B. Jucutan, Justine Anthonell G. Maltu, Daniel Joy R. Pia, Chaste Priel T. Sally, Angeline Ysabelle R. Tulagan
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Review Article

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Call for Papers

Due for submission: 20 March 2024
First decision: April-May 2024
Published online: June 2024

In the age of AI, healthcare administration is revolutionized—automating tasks, analyzing data for insights, and enhancing decision-making. This Call for Papers invites research and perspectives on leveraging AI to optimize operations, improve patient care, and address challenges in healthcare administration. We also welcomes submissions on broader issues in healthcare management.

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Understanding and enhancing immune resilience among children in the Southern Philippines through parental perspectives: A qualitative case study
Arafat S. H. Noor , Saima S. Hadji Malic , Ashley A. Bangcola  , Monalinda M. Macawadib , Norhanie A. Ali , Alibasher D. Macalnas

Open Access
Critical thinking and artificial intelligence in tandem: A nursing perspective
Yunus Adhy Prasetyo  , Blacius Dedi , Antonius Ngadiran

Open Access
National action plan on antimicrobial resistance in India: A call to action
Sanju Kaladharan  , Dhanya Manayath

Open Access
COVID-19 prevention education using interactive comic and animated videos on the health literacy of school-aged children: Implications for healthcare policy and management
Ina Laela Abdillah , Fitri Haryanti , Lely Lusmilasari