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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)
Human Resource Management & Nursing
Human Resource Management & Nursing

This issue focuses on topics related to human resource management and nursing in Indonesia, such as personnel management in the new normal, the surplus shortage of nurses, recruitment and selection, salaries, and nurse career paths.

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New normal, new human resource management
Joko Gunawan
pp 1-4
Abstract views: 19 | PDF views: 34

Review Articles

A classic surplus-shortage of nurses in Indonesia
Joko Gunawan , Yupin Aungsuroch
pp 5-9
Abstract views: 31 | PDF views: 29 | Video views: 0
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Nurses’ recruitment and selection: Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia
Nazliansyah Nazliansyah , Joko Gunawan
pp 10-15
Abstract views: 19 | PDF views: 18
Nurses’ salaries in Indonesia
Joko Gunawan
pp 16-25
Abstract views: 13 | PDF views: 20
Nursing career ladder system in Indonesia: The hospital context
Joko Gunawan , I Gede Juanamasta
pp 26-34
Abstract views: 19 | PDF views: 31
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