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Factors related to the mental health of nursing students during the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Vietnam
Thu Minh Bui , Trang Thi Thu Nguyen , Tien Dinh Vu , Loan Thi Hong Do , Tham Thi Phi , Hang Thu Thi Hua

Depression among Indonesian citizens in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era: A descriptive survey
Eka Rokhmiati Wahyu Purnamasari , Ronnell D. Dela Rosa

The influence of workload during the COVID-19 pandemic on the social life of the nurses
Ohood Othman Felemban , Fathia Khamis Kassem, Hayfa Almutary , Ruba Alharazi , Ahlam Al-Zahrani , Mawddah Mohmadd Alsumiry, Wafa’a Talal Humaidah, Renad Yousef Alharbi, Reem Abdulaziz Khan