Policy of Screening for Plagiarism

Any suspected covert duplicate manuscript submission cases will be handled as outlined in the COPE guidelines. In addition, JOHA endorses the policies of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) in relation to overlapping publications.

JOHA screens each article using iThenticate two times: during submission and after revision. The similarity index percentage is seen per article because 10% can also be considered plagiarism.

Authors can adhere to the following steps to report plagiarism:

  • Inform the editor of the journal where a plagiarized article is published.
  • Send original and plagiarized papers with plagiarized parts highlighted.
  • If evidence of plagiarism is convincing, the editor should arrange a disciplinary meeting.
  • Editor of the journal where the plagiarized article should communicate with the journal's editor containing the original article to rectify the matter.
  • The plagiarist should be asked to provide an explanation.
  • The article should be permanently retracted in case of nonresponse in the stipulated time or an unsatisfactory explanation.
  • The authors should be blacklisted and debarred for submitting an article to a particular journal for at least five years.
  • The concerned head of the institution has to be notified.