Invitation to submit a Video Abstract

Dear author(s),

In response to the growing interest in video presentations within today's technological landscape, Belitung Nursing Journal is taking the initiative to invite all authors to submit a brief video abstract or a highlight video of their published article(s) (send to [email protected]). This opportunity aims to offer a concise overview of research findings or spotlight key points from academic papers, ultimately enhancing the visibility and citations of your work.

For those unable to create a video, we offer a complimentary service (no fees) to convert your abstract into a video using our AI app. To proceed, we require your permission for conversion and publication on our channels, as this was not included in the initial copyright agreement.

We will include this permission request starting from January 2024 during the submission process.

Kindly respond by stating, "Yes, I/We grant you permission to convert my/our article abstract (mention the title of your study) into a video and publish it through Belitung Nursing Journal/Belitung Raya Foundation channels.”

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We look forward to your prompt reply.


Best regards,

Editorial Office