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Vol. 8 No. 2 (2022)
March - April
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yupin Aungsuroch
Dr. Joko Gunawan

BNJ is a peer-reviewed, "Gold" open access journal that provides a venue for nursing scholarship with an Asian focus and perspectives from the region. 

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Current Issue

Theory and Concept Development

Alfredo Feliciano , Evelyn Feliciano , Daisy Palompon , Ferdinand Gonzales
Acceptance Theory of Family Caregiving
pp 86-92

Original Research Article

Swee Leong Ong , Kim Lam Soh , Emni Omar Daw Hussin , Salimah Japar , Kim Geok Soh , Ponpun Vorasiha , Azlina Daud
Quality of life among mothers of preterm newborns in a Malaysian neonatal intensive care unit
pp 93-100
Mandira Baniya , Luppana Kitrungrote , Jintana Damkliang
Prevalence, severity, and self-management of depressive mood among community-dwelling people with spinal cord injury in Nepal
pp 101-107
Nuraidah Nuraidah , Dessie Wanda , Happy Hayati , Imami Nur Rachmawati , Agung Waluyo
“I can live a normal life”: Exploring adherence to antiretroviral therapy in Indonesian adolescents living with HIV
pp 108-114
Maslina Mansor, Rashidah Mohd Ibrahim, Asyraf Afthanorhan , Ahmad Munir Mohd Salleh
The mechanism of anger and negative affectivity on the occurrence of deviant workplace behavior: An empirical evidence among Malaysian nurses in public hospitals
pp 115-123
Wen Feng , Wipa Sae-Sia , Luppana Kitrungrote
Knowledge, attitude, and practice of surgical site infection prevention among operating room nurses in southwest China
pp 124-131
Ati Surya Mediawati , Iyus Yosep , Ai Mardhiyah
Life skills and sexual risk behaviors among adolescents in Indonesia: A cross-sectional survey
pp 132-138
Hussein Alshumrani , Bander Albagawi , Sandro Villareal , Benito Areola Jr , Hamdan Albaqawi , Saleh Algamdi , Abdulrahman Alerwi , Ahmed Saad Altheban , Seham Alanazi
Relation between socio-demographic factors and professionalism among nurses in Saudi Arabia: A comparative analysis
pp 139-146
Ariyanti Saleh , Budi Anna Keliat , Herni Susanti , Heni Dwi Windarwati , Framita Rahman , Ahmad Sapoan , Fitrawati Arifuddin
Children’s psychosocial state after the 2018 Lombok earthquake
pp 147-152

Case Study

Feni Betriana , Ryuichi Tanioka , Tomoya Yokotani , Kazuyuki Matsumoto , Yueren Zhao, Kyoko Osaka , Misao Miyagawa, Yoshihiro Kai, Savina Schoenhofer , Rozzano C. Locsin , Tetsuya Tanioka
Characteristics of interactive communication between Pepper robot, patients with schizophrenia, and healthy persons
pp 176-184
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